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Fire Alarm System

Sell ​​Fire Alarm System in Medan

The Fire Alarm System has become more sophisticated and functional more capable and reliable in recent years. PT. Multi Kreasi Lestarindo Sell Fire Alarm System in Medan, designed to fulfill two general requirements: protection of property and assets and protection of life. The life safety aspects of fire protection have been a major factor in the past two decades. All Fire Alarm Systems basically operate on the same principle. If the detector detects smoke or heat, or someone operates a broken glass unit, the alarm sounds working to warn others in the building that there might be a fire and to evacuate. For systems that protect property, it is possible that the Fire Alarm will combine remote signal equipment that will warn the fire brigade through the central station.

PT. Multi Kreasi Lestarindo Sell Fire Alarm System in Medan which consists of Indicative Control and Equipment Centers (CIE) with various types of detectors, manual call points (MCP), interface units and loudspeakers connected to them. Wired Fire Alarm System can be divided into three categories: Conventional, Addressable, and Analogue Addressable.

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