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Load Cell Scales

Sell ​​Load Cell Scales in Medan

PT. Multi Kreasi Lestarindo Sell Load Cell Scales in Medan, Load Cell Scales are used to measure weight. Load Cell Scales are an integral part of our daily lives. "In your car or at a cheese counter in a supermarket - we find Load Cell Scales everywhere, of course Load Cell Scales are usually not immediately recognized, because they are hidden inside the instrument.

Load Cell Scales generally consist of spring elements that are used as strain gauges. Spring elements are usually made of steel or aluminum. That means it's very sturdy, but it's also very elastic. As the name "spring element" shows, steel is slightly deformed under load, but then returns to its original position, responding elasticly to each load. This very small change can be obtained by strain gauges. Then finally the deformation of the strain gauge is interpreted by electronic analysis to determine the weight.

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