PT. Multi Kreasi Lestarindo

Security System

Sells a Security System in Medan

In the modern era which is an era of very rapid technological development, the need for equipment for security systems is very large. Many companies competed to provide and install the security equipment. PT. Multi Kreasi Lestarindo Sell Security System in Medan, is a series of equipment Security Systems that are widely used for various applications, including security equipment packages CCTV and fire alarms.

For all of these security systems, we are fully supported by our colleagues who have more than 15 years of experience domiciled in Medan, Jakarta and Bandung. As a company engaged in the field of Information Technology & Security System, we sell the best Security System products in Medan with reliable Technical Support and After Sales Service.

We sell quality security systems in Medan at affordable prices. Entrust your Security System needs to us. We always prioritize quality and quality of goods.

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