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Scales Bridges or scale trucks are a set of scales used to weigh bulk goods. Bridge Scales are a series of scales installed by weighbridge manufacturers on concrete surfaces. It has an electronic or digital monitor that displays the weight of the vehicle being weighed. Bridge Scales are mainly used to weigh large vehicles such as trucks or container trains where the transfer of goods is carried out through vehicles. Reliable and accurate weighing helps the industry by giving them exact numbers to keep their goods in and goods out.

Manufacturers of Bridge Scales have various types of Bridge Scales for their clients. These are types of electronic holes or pit less, digital pit types or pit less, portable bridge scales, RCC bridge scales, mechanical bridge scales etc. The main function of Bridge Scales is to weigh all cargo trucks in an industry where the material can be weighed only when moving from one place to another. A vehicle is weighed twice, once loaded with goods and once emptied to calculate the weight of the material.

Bridge Scales Suppliers recommend the use of Bridge Scales in industries such as mining, quarrying, electrical equipment, iron and steel, household goods, metals, liquid industries, powder industries, where mass movements occur. Government officials also use Bridge Scales to weigh vehicles to determine whether the vehicle is overloaded according to laws and regulations. In the case of such overloading, officials can fine the relevant parties for violating the law and restoring road safety law.

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